When my son Lux was born we were so excited to have our first child. Very quickly however we realized that there was a serious problem and something wasn’t right. He would only have a bowel movement every three to four weeks. When we met with the doctor and different specialists they couldn’t find anything wrong and labeled it as an unknown diagnosis.

This was incredibly stressful for my husband and I to see our son in so much pain and not have any answers. We were making frequent trips to the children’s hospital in Vancouver just to try and get some relief for Lux. These trips were costing a lot of money not to mention how much we were spending on medications. The doctors tried four different medications and while some would provide temporary relief they stopped working after that. Also if we ever missed a dose we’d be back to square one for weeks. These problems were affecting every aspect of our life and it seemed so hopeless. Lux was also experiencing other issues with his skin especially.

We were referred to Vida Chiropractic by a family member and friend and brought Lux in for a check-up. The doctor found some problem areas in his spine and we started getting him adjusted. At the beginning things were up and down. It took a number of months before he could get off his medications but we stuck with it. The doctors also had wanted to do a surgery on Lux but I’m so thankful we decided to wait and hold off on it. Now Lux is off all his medications and doing great.

– Lux (as told by Mom Breanne)


Before I came to Vida Chiropractic I was dealing with severe neck pain and numbness down my arms as well as headaches and restless legs. This wasn’t the first time I had problems with my neck. In 2005 I lost sensation over most of my body and had an emergency fusion at C5/C6. The surgery took care of my emergency situation but didn’t correct the underlying problem.

I started getting neck pain again that progressively got worse. Soon it was causing numbness in my arms as well. It got so bad that I wasn’t able to work anymore. I was in constant pain and taking Tylenol 3 all the time. This problem went on for years and the only answer the doctors had was to put me on the waiting list for another surgery to fuse the areas above and below my first fusion. I was frustrated and depressed because of how bad the pain was but also because I couldn’t be there for my family. I couldn’t work, couldn’t look after the house, couldn’t do many things with my kids.

I met the doctors from Vida Chiropractic at a home show in February 2014. In the office they did an exam of my spine and looked at my x-rays and MRIs and told me they could help. I was a little unsure at first but I knew I had to do something and didn’t really want another surgery. I started getting adjusted and very quickly noticed improvements. The range of motion in my neck improved dramatically, the numbness in my arms started going away and I no longer get headaches.

Very early on in my care I got a call that my surgery was scheduled for April 2nd, 2014. I was starting to feel better and made the decision to cancel it. I knew I could always have the surgery later but couldn’t undo it once it was done. I’m now back to work almost at full time for the first time in years and able to do everything with my family. I was on medications for lots of different things but I’m off everything now. I’m so glad I decided to stick with chiropractic instead of going the surgical route again!

– Joe


I felt that I had been suffering from lower back issues for as long as I could remember. Waking up in the morning with constant pain and with the feeling of my back being locked up became the norm. On top of this existing condition, although child birth is a wonderful experience, I found that my lower back issues progressively worsened after my pregnancy.

With past failed attempts at seeking out different chiropractors, searching for some sort of pain relief, I found that they were unable to give me long term positive results and I reverted to taking Robaxacet to help numb the pain. I was in such discomfort that I was unable to do normal day to day activities until a family friend referred me to Dr. Bittle’s office.

One of the major differences with Dr. Bittle and Vida Chiropractic was not only did they ask about my health history and concerns but they also performed scans and took x-rays which had never been done by the previous Chiropractors I had visited. This was a first sign for me that this office was different.

After starting to get adjusted I noticed a significant change in my condition, the pain was gone. Now not only do I feel great but I also realize that when I miss my regular appointments some of my symptoms start to return. Vida Chiropractic has changed how I view my health. My Chiropractic care is for the correction of the cause and for long term correction, not just treating symptoms. The Vida Chiropractic Office is not just about the adjustments, but they are concerned with my whole body care. With the advice and the workshops they hold on nutrition and exercise it empowers me to know that I can be in control of my own health.

– Karen


For years I had been dealing with severe chronic pain. I had it every day, all the time. It started from an accident several years ago when I fell down the stairs. My right SI joint was especially bad and caused the pain to travel around my hip. I had pain travelling down both my legs and pain between my shoulder blades. When the pain was at its worst I could hardly put on pants or even sleep!

My quality of life was terrible. I would go to work, spend the entire day in pain and then be so sore and exhausted that by the time I got home I didn’t want to do anything. I had been to chiropractors, tried over the counter painkillers but then switched to Naproxen and Gabapentin to try and control the pain. I met the doctors from Vida Chiropractic at a home show. They explained what they did and that they could help with my condition. I remember when I first came into the office they had posters up for a “Living to 100” workshop that was coming up. My only thought was who the heck would want to live to 100 if they feel like this?!

Even though I’d been to other chiropractors I’d never had postural weight bearing x-rays of my spine taken. Those x-rays showed a big problem in my spine, especially my neck. I decided to start getting adjusted and have been so happy with the improvements. I remember waking up for the first time in the night not from pain but because I had to go to the bathroom. I don’t take prescription meds, I can sleep, go for walks and I feel positive! I’ve also lost 13 lbs because I’m out and about again. I can do left side shoulder checks while driving and don’t need to have an extra pillow behind my back when I’m sitting in the car.

The staff and doctors at Vida Chiropractic have been kind, helpful, positive and determined to help. They’ve also been very accommodating to my insane schedule. As far as results – it works!

– Maureen


I’ve had low back issues for years. In the past the pain had gotten so severe it was starting to travel down my leg causing numbness and making it difficult to walk. It got so bad that 12 years ago I had back surgery for a disc problem. I thought that surgery would correct the problem but over the years since my surgery the pain and symptoms started to come back. I really wasn’t interested in having another surgery but wasn’t sure what else I could do.

Since the surgery I was limited in doing some things I enjoyed in the past. I still played hockey but it was aggravating my back and causing some of the same problems to return. It was at a home show in Kelowna that I met a chiropractor, Dr. Bittle. I figured at this point I didn’t have anything to lose and went for a checkup. The x-rays showed there was a problem in my spine so I started with adjustments.

Seeing the x-rays really helped me understand what the problem was and gave me confidence that the adjustments would help. It was a process but I noticed a gradual improvement over time. I would realize that my back was feeling fine doing things that had bothered it before. I can now golf and do physical labour without worrying about my back. I’ve even helped my son build his house.

I like how Vida Chiropractic has workshops on other topics too. My wife and I have learned a lot about nutrition and exercise to help us stay healthy. We’ve also had the chance to help a lot of our friends and family from around Kelowna who had health problems by introducing them to the chiropractor and it’s rewarding to see the positive changes they’ve had. When people are in pain we tell them to go see Vida Chiropractic first to see if there is a problem in their spine.

– Jim


I work at a store where I do a lot of lifting, stocking shelves with products. These repetitive motions were causing a lot of problems with my low back. I was experiencing sciatica as well as neck pain/stiffness and headaches. I just had a lot of aching and soreness throughout my body really. My walking was affected, even my moods were affected from the pain. Just getting up in the morning was a challenge and I was always tired.

I was introduced to Vida Chiropractic through a co-worker. I was dealing with a number of different issues and after hearing what I was going through she told me that I should come see her chiropractor. I had been to chiropractors over the years and was taking 2 doses of Advil per day to try and deal with the pain however it was never really dealing with the cause of my problems.

Once I started getting adjusted it was small things that I started to notice. When I was getting my hair cut for the first time in as long as I can remember it didn’t hurt my neck having my hair washed in the sink. My lifting at work has really improved and doesn’t cause me to have headaches anymore. For me it’s been a number of small changes that have significantly improved my quality of life.

– Roxanne


I was dealing with severe leg pain for 12 to 15 years. The pain was hard to describe but it was like aching, tight muscles in my legs. I had gone to massage, seen neurologists, had all kinds of tests done but all everybody kept telling me was that everything looked fine and normal. I was going through bottle after bottle of Advil, taking like 12-15 per day just to try and get some relief from the pain and discomfort.

The problem with my legs was really affecting my life in a lot of different ways. The pain was so severe at times I couldn’t hold or carry my grandkids. I was limited in my ability to go shopping or for a walk and playing baseball was out of the question. For the last couple years I really couldn’t work anymore, maybe just a couple hours a day. I’ve worked in construction my whole life and I couldn’t do that now. Whenever I did try to do any work by the evening I could barely walk. The doctors I had seen said it was pretty hopeless for me ever working full time again.

Even though I live in Vernon some family members referred me to Vida Chiropractic in Kelowna because of the results that they had gotten there. I have to admit I was pretty skeptical of chiropractic, I’d never been to one before but they definitely focused a lot on education along with exams and x-rays which helped convince me that it would work.

At the beginning I actually had more pain, my back was bothering me which I’d never had before. The progress exams and rescans however showed things were improving. Dr. Bittle explained that it’s pretty normal to have that pain because things are moving in my spine that hadn’t moved in years. Within a few months I gradually started feeling better, my pain started decreasing. Now I can work longer hours and I’m almost back to full time. Getting adjusted and getting my spine corrected has honestly been like a new lease on life for me.

– Marty


I started seeing Dr. Bittle at Vida Chiropractic after meeting him at the mall. I was dealing with chronic back problems which had been affecting me for years. I was in pain literally 24/7 and the muscles in my left arm and shoulder were starting to waste away. The pain was really limiting me from doing a lot of things I enjoy. I couldn’t ice skate, roller blade, ride horses, even house work was difficult. Sometimes after doing harder or heavier yard work I would be out of commission for a week. At one point I was taking 14 pain killers a day, ibuprofen, prescription painkillers, had tried massage, chiropractic, some doctors were even talking about surgery! I didn’t want surgery but I was also skeptical of trying another chiropractor.

Dr. Bittle took the time to explain the process of getting correction in my spine and what that looked like. It really helped my husband and I understand why some of things I tried in the past hadn’t worked and were really just covering up the symptoms and short term fixes.

Since I’ve started getting adjusted I’m out of pain and hardly ever need to take my medications. I don’t get headaches anymore and the strength is starting to come back in my arm which makes it a lot easier to do the things I enjoy. My husband decided to get his spine checked too because he’d never had x-rays before. Dr. Bittle found a posture issue in his spine that was limiting the range of motion in his neck and he’s already noticed a big improvement. We really appreciate the emphasis on education at Vida Chiropractic, it gave us the confidence to move forward even when other things we tried hadn’t worked!

– Wendy


Before I met Dr. Bittle I was starting to experience some different aches and pains. My neck was stiff and losing its range of motion and my left leg was giving me problems. My hip and knee were hurting and I had lost the arch in my foot. I was on a blood pressure medication my doctor wanted me to take and used orthotics for my feet.

These problems were starting to affect with some of the things I like to do. I couldn’t ski as well with my leg problems and I also had trouble turning my neck to look over my shoulder when I was driving. I honestly thought these were all just conditions that came with aging. I was in my 60’s and everyone I knew, even the younger ones all had aches and pains or were taking medications.

My father was always a big supporter of chiropractic and that kept my mind open to taking an alternative approach to health. When I was 32 years old I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and put on a medication I was told I would have to be on for the rest of my life. I did some research on the drug and was concerned about the side effects so I took myself off of it.

When I met Dr. Bittle at a Home Show I was very interested in what he had to say about my spine. He showed me how the posture in my spine had changed and how it was affecting my body. Once I started getting adjusted I very quickly noticed some changes. My neck flexibility increased significantly and my leg pain disappeared. I was surprised how much it improved, to the point I no longer need orthotics to support the arch in my foot.

– Gerry