Blood flows to the brain through two sets of arteries passing through the neck. These arteries may become weakened and damaged, either over time through aging or disease or as a result of injury. A blood clot may form in a damaged artery. All or part of the clot may break off and travel up the artery to the brain where it can interrupt blood flow and cause a stroke.

Many common activities of daily living involving ordinary neck movements have been associated with stroke. This results from damage to an artery in the neck or a clot that already existed in the artery breaking off and travelling up to the brain.

Chiropractic adjustments have also been associated with stroke. However, that association occurs very infrequently and may be explained because an artery was already damaged and the patient was progressing toward a stroke when they consulted a doctor. Present medical and scientific evidence does not establish that adjustments cause damage to an artery or a stroke.


After symptomatic patients get the relief care they seek, many choose to continue with some type of periodic or wellness care. These patients come in for their adjustments feeling great. These adjustments can help support the final stages of healing and correction in the spine but also help to detect and resolve new problems before they become more serious. It’s the same reason that you visit your dentist on a routine basis whether you have a toothache or not. You want to prevent cavities from forming, and if you have any, fix them before they become a bigger problem.

It’s important to discuss with the doctors what your health goals are and what you want to achieve. They can explain how chiropractic care can help you reach those goals and recommend the best schedule of care. Our job is to offer the very best care and your job is to decide how much of it you want.


This is the “let sleeping dogs lie” approach to health that many people have adopted in our culture. It also explains why so many lifestyle-induced health problems are becoming so common. The problems start to develop in the background, often without any obvious symptoms. The majority of people with a heart condition, the first symptom they ever have is a heart attack. The reality is however that they’ve had heart disease developing for years or even decades but just never knew it!

We would never take care of our car the way many people take care of their bodies. We change the oil, replace filters and do other preventative maintenance to lengthen the life and maintain the performance of our car. By taking the same approach with your health and being proactive, you can avoid many of the health pitfalls that affect so many people.


This comment is one that we still hear sometimes. People say that their MD told them never to go to a chiropractor or that they should never get their neck adjusted. The unfortunate reality is that many medical professionals, including MDs, are unfamiliar with chiropractic and the principles by which it works. It would be like going to a chiropractor and asking about a cavity in your tooth. If you were told “just keep brushing and flossing but definitely don’t go to a dentist,” you would probably think that is bad advice (and you’d be right).

The truth is a chiropractor wouldn’t be the best person to ask about dental care or a toothache and they would need to refer you to a qualified dentist to help you. Similarly, chiropractors are the experts when it comes to the spine and nervous system. They are specifically trained to assess the spine for any abnormalities or problem areas and provide care as necessary to correct the condition that was found.


In Canada, chiropractors are considered primary care physicians just like dentists, optometrists, naturopaths and family doctors. That means you can access the services of these health professionals without needing a referral from a medical doctor or anyone else. If you’re dealing with a health condition, don’t wait until it’s too late or you’ve lost your health. In most cases, and especially with your spine, the sooner a problem is found the faster and easier it is to correct.

If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Kelowna, contact Vida Chiropractic today to see how we can help. If you’re out of city or province we’d be happy to help you find a chiropractor in your area.


How could a child or infant already have a spine or nervous system problem? We check and adjust children on a regular basis, some as early as a few hours old to make sure they never develop a problem. Falls, sitting in a baby carrier, even the birth process itself can all affect the alignment and position of the spine. Numerous references in the literature discuss the benefits to children who are receiving regular chiropractic care. Improved feeding, better sleep, fewer medications and hospitalizations are just some of the benefits reported.

The techniques used to evaluate and adjust infants and children are much different than adults and are adapted to safely and effectively work with their developing spines. When people learn about the benefits of chiropractic care they often get their children checked too so they never have to deal with the problems the parents are experiencing.


Sometimes people who don’t understand chiropractic or are skeptical will dismiss any perceived benefits as the placebo effect. They’ll say that “it’s all in your head” or moving the joints in the spine released some pressure just like popping your knuckles can feel good.

The reality is that the consistent results patients experience with chiropractic care simply can’t be attributed solely to the placebo effect. There are a tremendous number of research studies that have shown the benefits of chiropractic care. Many of these studies are government funded and therefore subject to stringent controls and review by interdisciplinary panels. There is so much research on chiropractic that there are several prominent peer reviewed journals dedicated to the subject including Spine and the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association.

So, when you are feeling great after your next adjustment know that it’s not only in your head. Your spine and nervous system are healing, moving and functioning better too!