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Are you suffering from:

Headache pain


Discomfort, intense throbbing, and deep pressure can all be signs of a headache or migraine. Chiropractic helps with headaches, call  us to find out how.

Neck pain

Neck Pain

Chronic stiffness, discomfort, and shooting pain down the arms are caused by misalignments in the neck. Adjustments done by our chiropractor can safely correct these misalignments and provide relief from these symptoms.

Back pain

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek out chiropractic care. Contact us to find out why so many people choose this gentle, effective treatment for injuries and discomfort.

Hip pain

Arthritis or
Disc Injuries

Side effects from arthritis and disc injuries can be extremely debilitating. Don’t spend the rest of your life dealing with this. Let our Chiropractor Dr. Brian Bittle show you how you can experience lasting relief.

Call us today to start with an initial consultation. During the consultation the doctors will be able to learn about you, what conditions you are dealing with and how you got to this point. They can also determine if you are a candidate for corrective chiropractic care and if it can help your condition. We will explain every step along the way, why and what we are doing so there are no surprises. The most important factor in you getting better is that you understand your condition and understand what steps are needed to see improvements.

No one has ever been disappointed that they started chiropractic care, felt better and saw their health return. Every day you wait makes it more difficult to heal and get better. Waiting means it will only cost more, take longer and leave you in pain while you suffer needlessly with problems that can be helped. Don’t wait another day!

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