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We have listed our services below, to help you understand how our office works.

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Chiropractors are the only health care professionals trained to examine the spine for postural distortions and correct them

Digital X- Ray

We take digital X-ray’s,  in a weight bearing position. This allows us to see any postural issues, and any damage they have caused.

Myovision Spinal Scan

Myovision Technology serves as a nerve scan. This measures the activity of the nerves coming out of the spine, and therefore, allows us to see where any tensions, or compressions of the nerves may be happening.

Postural Corrective Adjusting

Postural Correction is the process of  combining adjustments, and postural exercises. The adjustments realign the spine, and the exercises provide the strength to hold the alignment.

Health & Wellness Workshops

Our goal at Vida is to help patients improve their overall well being. We run regular scheduled workshops, on topics covering all areas of Health and Wellness. Education provides the base knowledge for human health, and as a result you can improve your individual health. These are free for all of our patients.

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