There are all different types of injuries over a lifetime that can lead to posture problems. As a result causing back pain, neck pain or headaches. Even repetitive strain injuries like sitting at a computer or other device lead to back pain or neck pain associated with a posture issue. Chiropractic adjustments can help!

Why do the injuries not heal?

Most often there is an injury that happens. A ski injury, hockey injury, or golf injury can lead to sciatica or numbness and tingling in the arms.  Because of this the body stiffens up to guard against further injury. As a result, the back and neck joints then scar up in an abnormal posture position. The joints don’t move like they should anymore leading to stiffness and soreness from the abnormal postural stress. As long as the posture remains in this abnormal position, the joints continue to wear and develop arthritis. The nerves can become compressed leading to radiation of pain down the arms, sciatica, or numbness and tingling similar to the symptoms of carpal tunnel. The solution is restoring proper motion to the joints allowing normal posture to return to the spine. Then process of degeneration and osteoarthritis can start to heal.Chiropractic adjustments can help!

How do Chiropractic Adjustments help?

This is where the chiropractic adjustment comes in! A specific chiropractic adjustment relieves scar tissue and restores proper motion to the joint. As a result, this gradually allows proper posture to be restored. Restoring proper posture is like getting an alignment on your car or straightening the wheel on a grocery cart! Now everything flow better! There is less wear, less arthritis, and less pain! The joints and tissues can now start to heal and work like they should. Because the adjustment also stimulates the nerves of your spine that tell your brain about postion and motion of joints. This information is critical to brain function. It helps reduce the pain sensation that your body feels!

Therefore, chiropractic adjustments for neck pain can help restore motion. They help reverse and prevent text neck, reduce pain, reduce numbness or tingling in the hands, and restore posture!

Chiropractic adjustments for back pain can help restore motion to joints of the low back. This motion then relieves low back pain, alleviates sciatica, and restores proper posture making your golf game better and your ski day better!

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