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Embark on a transformative journey towards relief from numbness & tingling through safe, gentle and effective chiropractic care. Our extensive experience reveals that most cases of numbness & tingling stem from underlying misalignments in the spine causing pressure or irritation to nerves. Our specialized chiropractic approach aims to identify and correct these issues, providing a natural solution, eliminating the reliance on medication, and offering a safe and effective path to relief.

Discover a natural solution to numbness & tingling as chiropractic care offers personalized, effective intervention, promoting normal function and overall well-being. With our skilled chiropractors, you can benefit from a non-invasive approach that not only can alleviate numbness & tingling but also empowers you to lead a life free from the risks and dependencies associated with conventional treatments.

A chiropractic exam is your vital first step towards natural relief from your relief numbness & tingling.

The exam consists of:

  • Personal consultation with the Doctor
  • Comprehensive Examination
  • Computerized spinal scan
  • Spinal X-rays (if necessary)

New Patient Special

Consultation – includes assessment, exam, any xrays (if necessary), computerized spinal scan, and the doctors report of findings.

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