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Holiday Recovery

Holiday Recovery   We are starting the second month of 2019, and many of us are still struggling to stick to a holiday recovery program. December is a time filled with festivities, family, food, and cheer. The effects of which can run right into the New Year....

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Chiropractic adjustments for back pain

 Chiropractic Adjustments for Back Pain There are all different types of injuries over a lifetime that can lead to posture problems. As a result causing back pain, neck pain or headaches. Even repetitive strain injuries like sitting at a computer or other device lead to back pain...

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12 Dec Morning Low Back Stiffness

Combating Morning Low Back Stiffness Over the course of a nights sleep, joints and muscles are inactive, therefore leading to morning stiffness. During the day walking, and moving will help our bodies loosen up, and allow stiffness to decrease. If you are finding you have excessive...

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22 Nov Stretches for treating sciatica pain

Stretches for treating sciatica pain, can be an effective way of decreasing the discomfort. Sciatica can cause pain and discomfort in the legs and the lower back. Be sure to watch part one of our sciatica series here.  Try these stretches to help loosen the muscles...

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08 Nov Chiropractic for shoulder pain, frozen shoulder,

Chiropractic for shoulder pain is often essential for alleviating the discomforts. Chronic shoulder pain is often related to a problem in the neck. The nerves from the neck control the muscles in and around the shoulder. If there is compression or weakness of these nerves...

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06 Nov Stretches for Chronic Low Back Pain

Do you have Chronic Low Back Pain? Here are some stretches that can help relax tight muscles, but most importantly relieve some of the pain! These stretches help with some of the most common low back pain issues because they target the muscles that often...

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