Vida Chiropractic: Is Your Spine Ready for the Okanagan Ski Season? | Vida Chiropractic

Vida Chiropractic: Is Your Spine Ready for the Okanagan Ski Season?

Vida Chiropractic: Is Your Spine Ready for the Okanagan Ski Season?

The days are suddenly getting darker and that unmistakable chill is in the air. Vida Chiropractic in Kelowna is just as thrilled as you are that ski and snowboard season is upon us. Dr. Bittle wants to remind you that preparing your spine now can drastically reduce your potential for winter related injuries.

Pre-Season Conditioning for Kelowna’s Slopes

Whether you are enjoying cross-country or biathlon activities at Crystal Mountain in West Kelowna or heading up to Big White Ski Resort, warming up and properly stretching is vital for helping you maintain flexibility and balance. Dr. Brian Bittle recommends starting some pre-season exercises before the snow flies to strengthen your core, quads, pelvic floor, back, hamstrings, calves, hips and shins. Positively boosting your body’s resilience and cardiovascular health early in the season will help ensure you stay safe and have fun on the slopes this year.


Simple Ski and Snowboarding Exercises

Calves: Calf muscles work hard every minute you are on the hill. Adequately stretching your Achilles tendons is vital to prevent cramping and injuries. Stand on a stair or raised step and balance carefully on the balls of your feet. Let your heels hang over the stair and gradually lower one leg at a time. Hold each stretch and feel your muscles lengthen as they warm up.

Core Conditioning: Your core muscles are important for keeping your spine in check. Weak stomach and back muscles can leave you unsupported and more prone to injury. Try implementing the Superman Pose, Side Bridges and Front Plank when you watch TV to gain stability. Hold each pose as long as you can and time it. It is rewarding to monitor your progress.

Balance Coordination: Our quadriceps and hamstrings are among our largest muscle groups. Encourage a healthy ski stance and strengthen your capacity by doing squats. Use the wall to implement a stationary squat by sliding down to sit in your “imaginary chair.” Hold for as long as you can while deep breathing. Alternatively, conduct mobile squats by standing with your legs shoulder width apart and moving up and down in a controlled manner.


Infuse Bursts of Cardio Into Your Day

Looking for some easy ways to inject some cardio into your daily routine? Dr. Bittle recommends parking your vehicle farther away, taking the stairs when possible and doing squats while you brush your teeth. Trading after supper TV time for a brisk walk around the block is another great way to get your heart pumping. Remember to complete warm up and cool down stretches for approximately ten minutes before and after any strenuous exercise to keep your musculoskeletal system happy and healthy.

Vida Chiropractic Pre-Ski Assessment

Dr. Bittle and the welcoming staff at Vida Chiropractic on Leckie Road in Kelowna want to help you avoid any sports-related issues. Book a spinal consultation today to ensure you are in tip top shape before you head into an exciting and strenuous ski season! Unresolved spinal problems often flare up when we are trying to have fun and be active. Set yourself up for success this fall and winter by undergoing some preventative maintenance now.

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