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Vida Chiropractic: Kelowna’s Commute and Your Spinal Health

Vida Chiropractic: Kelowna’s Commute and Your Spinal Health

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Dr. Brian Bittle from Vida Chiropractic in Kelowna wants to know how your back, shoulders, legs, arms and neck are feeling during and after your daily commute to work. Are you among the plenty driving extended distances each day to and from the office? Perhaps you are regularly travelling across the W.R. Bennett Bridge or your vehicle has become your mobile office. Did you know that all those minutes driving with poor posture add up; equalling uncomfortable and unhealthy musculoskeletal issues?

Define Your Driving Posture

Prior to your next road trip, check to see that you are sitting straight and relaxed with the correct amount of space between you and the steering wheel. Many drivers are hunched and bunched at the wheel without even realizing it, while others are relined so far back its’ amazing they can reach the pedals! Either extreme places excessive and unnecessary strain on your lower back, legs, shoulders and neck along with other areas of your body.


It is extremely dangerous to sit too close to your airbag. Adjust your seat so that your feet are flat on the floor and you are aligned with the back of your drivers’ seat. Lumbar support driving pillows are a comfortable way to secure any gaps. The following suggestions from can help you prevent injuring your spine with poor driving posture.


Reduce Pressure On Your Back and Body

Ideally, your drivers’ seat can slightly lean back within a 100 degree to 110 degree span. This minute adjustment can drastically reduce lower back pain caused by repetitive pressure on the intervertebral discs within your spine. Vida Chiropractic in Kelowna sees the detrimental results of poor posture on a daily basis. Re-evaluating your driving posture will help to keep your core engaged and your spine strong and healthy.

Steering Wheel Solutions

When is the last time you adjusted the tilt on your steering wheel? This feature is commonly set and never touched again. Your goal here is to ensure that you can comfortably reach your steering wheel while your elbows remain bent in a relaxed manner at your sides. Adjust your seat so that your steering wheel is approximately 25 cm to 30 cm away from your chest. Check your grip the next time you are out for a cruise…notice if you are you white-knuckling it or feeling stressed. The Kelowna bridge traffic can be difficult to contend with at times. See if you can carpool, rely on public transport or alter your schedule to ensure a pleasant and safe drive.

Check Your Mirrors Prior To Driving

Similar to Driver’s Education, when you first enter your vehicle it’s time to readjust everything so that it fits you. This is particularly true if you share a vehicle with a family member. Make time to ensure you are set up for success prior to starting your ignition. Once your mirrors are correctly set, you will notice if you have started slouching during your drive when you go to check your mirrors and feel they are misaligned.

Vida Chiropractic’s Successful Driving Posture Tips

Avoid twisting around to grab items from your back seat while you are on the road. Torquing your back can accidentally happen if you are not paying attention. Ensure any purses, laptops and important documents somewhere easily accessible.  Always pull over to access anything and never text or talk on your cell phone while behind the wheel. Adjust your seatbelt to fit you snugly. All too often we automatically adjust our seat to accommodate the seat belt and this may leave you in an awkward and less than ergonomic position.

Stretch every 2 hours of driving if possible and wiggle your toes in between pit stops to ensure adequate circulation. Do some forward bends, shoulder shrugs and squats prior to lifting anything heavy into our out of your vehicle to help warm up your muscles after a period of inactivity.


Vida Chiropractic: Passionate About Poor Posture in Kelowna

Vida Chiropractic on Leckie Road in Kelowna is passionate about educating each client to enjoy their musculoskeletal health to their fullest! If chronic pain is trying to set foot in your life, now is the time to address the underlying issues and enjoy optimum health! Patients are often shocked to find out that their daily driving habits are contributing to their overall posture pain.

Poor posture can contribute to a host of health concerns including: circulatory issues, restricted bowel movements, increased stress, lack of nutrition to intervertebral discs, rounded shoulders, neck and shoulder pain among other symptoms. Dr. Brian Bittle and the exceptional team at Vida Chiropractic in Kelowna is happy to help you address any and all of your spinal concerns. Call us today to book your spinal consultation. Our family friendly office looks forward to seeing you and your loved ones soon!