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Vida Addressing Kelowna’s Ancient Sports Injuries

Vida Addressing Kelowna’s Ancient Sports Injuries

Anyone who loves sports and participates in them has most likely witnessed an injury or experienced one themselves. Vida Chiropractic in Kelowna knows that professional and amateur sports enthusiasts alike are often faced with pain. This can dramatically impact your ability to partake in your favourite sport and can potentially cause strife down the road if not correctly addressed. According to a 2010 Statistics Canada report, approximately 66% of adolescents experienced a sports related injury. It is easy to imagine how improper healing could contribute to related pain problems later in life. Dr. Bittle and the compassionate team at Vida Chiropractic in Kelowna can help you address any underlying musculoskeletal injuries.

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Every part of your body is connected to your nervous system within your spine. Spinal nerves radiate to all aspects of your body and any injuries can cause severe consequences if left untreated. Patients commonly over-compensate their “good side” and can strain or pull additional muscles and joints as they try to favour their injury. Strains, sprains and broken bones can take weeks or months to heal. During this time, it is easy to unintentionally cause further damage to otherwise healthy areas of the body that are being forced to work overtime to protect the injured portion. Highly skilled and experienced chiropractors like Dr. Bittle at Vida can evaluate and diagnose your sports injury with a comprehensive physical exam. Determining the exact location of your distress can offer a plethora of information regarding recovery. Strengthening exercises, heat and ice routines and physical therapy may be implemented to help clients heal and avoid re-injuring themselves in the future. A detailed medical history, X-rays, dietary or supplemental recommendations may also be discussed during this process.

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Prescribing an Individualized Treatment Plan

Once the severity of the injury is determined and a diagnosis is made, Dr. Bittle can recommend an appropriate treatment plan that is customized to your specific needs. Every patient is unique and everyone’s body is different. How closely a patient follows recommendations such as rest, ice, compression and elevation aka the RICE Method, immediately following the injury can drastically minimize excessive damage. Injuries commonly occur due to an inadequate warm-up and warm-down stretching routine. Recreational sports enthusiasts may not play as often as they used to; therefore, muscle weakness may occur after periods of inactivity. If poor muscle tone contributed to the injury, a detailed regimen of exercises may be outlined to help a client regain muscle tone and become stronger and more flexible.

Besides exercises, rehabilitation may include: joint mobilization, lifestyle advice, joint manipulation, adjunct modalities and soft tissue therapies. In addition to realignment, chiropractic adjustments may be used to reduce pain and increase circulation to the injured location to facilitate healing of damaged tissue. Many patients are often surprised to find out that the back, leg, elbow, shoulder, knee etc. pain they are currently presenting with directly relates to an old sporting injury from yesteryear. Scar tissue formation and muscle atrophy are popular hallmarks of a longstanding injury.

Wear Properly Fitted Protective Gear

One of the best ways to protect yourself from obtaining a sports injury is to wear your helmet, protective gear, mouthguard and proper footwear while engaging in sport.  While it can be tempting to save money and squeeze into last year’s gear or hand-me-down safety equipment, it’s truly not worth it. If second hand gear fits you securely and is not expired (helmets have expiration dates!) then by all means, enjoy yourself and get out there. Just remember that you are leaving yourself exposed for potential damage if you decide to forgo the right safety equipment.

Vida Chiropractic Kelowna Chiropractor - Sports Injuries

When Training Goes Awry

It is easy to try and prevent injuries by being proactive and partaking in preconditioning workouts at the gym. In theory this is a great way to strengthening and tone your muscles. Vida Chiropractic in Kelowna recommends enlisting in the help of a professional trainer when you start frequenting the gym to learn correct lifting and bending techniques and the right way to use equipment. Showing up at gym with no direction or supervision can cause more harm than good. We often start with too much weight and improper techniques or don’t know the details of the equipment and how to adjust it correctly. Ask a trained professional for some guidance to help you stay safe while maximizing your workout.

Falling Down Memory Lane

It’s easy to think of injuries in terms of hyper-flexion or hyper-extension, training excessively, using the wrong equipment or methods during training and overusing joints and tendons with repetitive motion. Another 2010 Statistics Canada injury appendix outlines some serious injuries by age group from 12 and up. Being thrown from a horse, falling during tree-climbing or having a ball or other sporting equipment hit your head can contribute to your current state of health. Physical contact sports involving numerous players including hockey, football and soccer can also be the source of pain. Dr. Bittle recommends trying to pinpoint when your discomfort began. Take note of swelling, tenderness, flare-ups within your joint, training exercises and warm-up and warm-down activities to help you determine the root cause of your dysfunction if it has been something you have been suffering with for awhile. Many sports injuries occur during practices when players are doing repetitive exercises that lead to wear and tear of a joint.

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If you are suffering from any form of musculoskeletal pain, chronic headaches, muscle inflammation or weakness, it’s time to address these uncomfortable issues. Dr. Brian Bittle can help you move forward and increase your range of motion. Longstanding issues often require correction in order to fully heal. Avoid re-injury this sporting season by learning some new stretching and pre-conditioning techniques and realigning your spine. Trying to ignore a painful location on your can lead to excessive damage. Ancient sporting injuries have the potential to heal once and for all if the proper steps are taken. Your body is constantly talking to you…are you listening? Call Vida today to schedule your physical exam and enjoy life to the fullest once again.