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Testimonial Drive

We want to know what you think!

Share your story and experience with Vida Chiropractic and receive a special gift for your participation.

Requirements & Rules

1. What was your particular condition? When did it begin? How long have you had it?
2. What have you tried in the past to get rid of your condition and what were the results? (Example: over the counter or prescription medication, therapies, exercise, surgery, physicians, etc.)
3. How did your condition affect you, your work, your family, social life and/or your hobbies?
4. What results have you had in our office?
5. How has chiropractic changed or improved your life?
6. Share your impression and thoughts on chiropractic, and about the Vida Chiropractic team?
7. What would you like to tell others?

1. Testimonial Drive Dates: September 1, 2016 – September 30, 2016.
– Entries must be completed on or between the dates listed above. Any entries posted outside of these dates listed will not be eligible for the “Gift Card”
2. All of the questions must be answered.
– For patients who have previously participated in the “Share Your Thought” campaign your testimonial must be different or have an updated progress on your particular condition.
3. Testimonial must be shared on Google Review or Facebook.
– Google Review – Go to www.google.ca and search for “Vida Chiropractic”. Click the “Write a Review” button in the right-hand panel. A window will open to “Sign In” to your existing google account or to “Create Account”. Please rate us using the rating system (stars) and write your testimonial. Lastly hit the “Post” button.
– Facebook – Go to www.facebook.com and log into your existing account or sign up. Once you are logged in search for “Vida Chiropractic”. Click the “Reviews” button in the left-hand panel. Rate us under “Tell people what you think” by clicking on the Stars. A window will open to “Review Vida Chiropractic” and write your testimonial. Lastly hit the “Done” button.
4. Receive a $10 Gift Card of your choice.
5. Gift Card options are: Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Natures Fare or Cineplex.
6. One Gift Card per person.
7. Must be of legal age or have a signed parent consent.

For more information please contact Maria or Mani at 250-861-5444!