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Shovelling Snow Is Awesome Exercise!

Shovelling Snow Is Awesome Exercise!

Winter is upon us Kelowna; despite our lack of snow and above seasonal temperatures. While some residents are rejoicing at our lack of precipitation, others understand that snow-shovelling and the inevitable snow removal is imminent. Vida Chiropractic in Kelowna wants you to know that using the proper snow shovelling technique can help you eliminate the potential for injury. Winter can provide you with an awesome cardiovascular workout as long as you prepare in advance. Ensure that you conduct adequate warm up exercises in order to protect your back and the rest of your body before you jump in and start lifting heavy snow.

Your Shovel Selection Matters

Many people prefer the lightweight aspect that a plastic snow shovel offers, while others prefer scraping down to the pavement with a metal shovel in order to stay on top of ice formation. Lifting light, fluffy fresh snow seems harmless at first; however, technique is everything. Repetitive motions and improper lifting technique can cause injury over time, especially to your wrists, forearms, shoulders, neck, knees and lower back. If a metal shovel is your preference, try spraying it with a non-stick spray to help prevent the snow from sticking.

Shovelling snow as winter exercise

Avoid Overdoing It!

Watching the weather outside can help you avoid over straining your back and keep the rest of your musculoskeletal system in place. Remember the statement “work smart and not hard?” This applies to your snow shovelling as well. Give yourself adequate roadside room to accommodate the snowplough. If you offload your shovel into your immediate space you may have to move it twice once the snowplough unloads. Ensure that you provide yourself with enough room for the entire season by strategically creating your snow bank.

Shovelling Snow and Proper technique

Warming Up Is Recommended

Completing some stretching ahead of time can ensure that your muscles have adequate blood flow prior to starting out. On average, each shovelful of snow weighs approximately 6lbs! You can easily see how fatiguing and exhausting clearing your sidewalk or driveway can become. Enjoy being outside and getting some fresh air by starting out with some gentle forward bends, shoulder rolls and core stabilizing exercises. Taking 5 to 10 minutes to prepare your body with some appropriate warm up exercises can prevent a host of health issues.

Preventing Back and Spinal Related Injuries

Dr. Bittle and the team at Vida Chiropractic on Leckie Road want to help you conquer this snowy season! If you have existing back or body pain, it is always best to treat the underlying cause prior to taking on another physically demanding job. When is the last time you had a chiropractic check up? Enjoying all that this winter has to offer is as simple as ensuring your musculoskeletal health is in top notch form and function.

Vida Chiropractic can help with your back pain

Amend Icy Issues Ahead of Time

Have you noticed that your driveway seems to have regular icy spots every year? Is a leaking gutter pipe or burst irrigation line causing ice to build up and cause problems? Using salt may initially seem like a decent solution until you witness your concrete disintegrating and your perimeter plants, trees and shrubs dying. Avoid this potentially expensive issue and opt for gravel, kitty litter or sand instead. Make note of where the ice seems to build up on your property and determine what kind of solutions are needed to prevent this from happening. Keeping family, friends and delivery personnel safe ideally should be a priority for everyone.