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Pregnancy & Kids

Pregnancy & Kids

Pregnancy and the anticipation of a growing family can be a time of joy and excitement. The experience can be tempered however when the expectant mother is uncomfortable, in pain or unwell. Throughout pregnancy as the fetus grows and develops there are many changes happening in the mother’s body. Weight gain, and a change in the distribution of the weight all can stress different joints in the spine and pelvis. The increased weight is projected forward which typically causes an increased curve in the low back (the lumbar spine) and also places additional stress on the pelvic joints.

Along with the biomechanical changes that occur during pregnancy there is also an increase in hormones such as progesterone, estrogen and relaxin. These hormones which help increase mobility and flexibility of the pelvic joints to aid in delivery also lead to a decrease in spinal stability. The combination of these factors increases the likelihood that subluxation or postural distortions can develop in the spine leading to pain and discomfort. It’s reported that up to 50% of women experience back pain during pregnancy and 50-75% of women experience back pain during delivery.

Studies have shown that women who are adjusted during pregnancy experience a 25-31% decrease in labour time, decreased pain during labour and decreased incidence of back labour. Since many medications can cause fetal damage or malformations chiropractic care becomes even more important during pregnancy. Chiropractors receive specific training on how to care for and adjust pregnant women which often involves modifying certain techniques. The chiropractors at Vida Chiropractic have also been specifically trained in Webster Technique, an analysis and adjustment protocol that helps to correct a breech presentation.

Kelowna Chiropractic for kids

At Vida Chiropractic we love seeing all our patients but especially the little ones. Some of our patients comes to us as young as a few hours old! The birth process, diaper changing, and learning to walk can all stress the spine and lead to problems developing. Infants and children often experience the fastest results because there hasn’t been time for degeneration or scar tissue to develop in their spine.

Adjustments for babies and children are very different than how adults are adjusted. Usually it is so subtle that you (and the baby) hardly notice anything at all. Joints in a baby move very easily and all that is needed is a gentle pressure to realign the joint.

Ear infections, colic, digestive issues, allergies, poor sleep are just some of the conditions that parents report seeing improvements with after chiropractic care. Visit our testimonials page to read about some of the paediatric cases we’ve seen or contact us to schedule a consultation with our doctors and learn how we can help your family.